About Us

The LA Mavericks is a premier club lacrosse program dedicated to the development of youth and high school student-athletes of all experience levels. Our mission is to provide players with the fundamental and technical skills, game-level IQ and situational awareness required to develop confidence and accomplish their personal best. We believe that each player can achieve his or her own excellence through persistence, perseverance and hard work. While members of the LA Mavs family, players refine the skills required to advance in the world of competitive lacrosse.

We strive to create an educational, competitive and supportive environment that encourages proper sportsmanship. Our philosophy includes strong opposition to compromising player development for the sake of game victory. At the LA Mavericks, we determine success by the development of our student-athletes. Through the establishment of a strong fundamental foundation, tactical knowledge of the game, teamwork, and the ability to play multiple roles, individual player development will ultimately lead to successful team results. By training like a collegiate program, the LA Mavericks’ graduates enter their next arena with qualifications and a foundation built unlike anywhere else.